---   Timers and Relays
Smart Time Clock
Year, month, weekly,
daily  program 
12,24 VAC/DC, 120/240 AC
 Digital LCD Timer
0.1 Sec. to 9990 hrs   
ON-delay, Repeat cycle, 
 Multi-function Timer  
0.1s to 10 days  
250V 10 Amp. NO/NC
 DIN mount. 
Real-time Clock  
Daylight saving auto    120/208/240/277 V  

 Dual Multifunction
Digital Timer

time r 0,01s-60 hrs
 10 functions DIN, 
Power failure status U OFF function
7 Day Heavy-Duty
Astronomical  Digital
Programmable Timer
15A Plug-in 120VAC
Timer 0.1Sec - 10 days 
Selectable timing  range Time delay setting, Repeat On delay, Off delay.  Multi voltage
W socket octal plug-in
 4 Timers  in One
Programmable Timer
15 Time Clocks
15 Timers or Counters
6 Inputs,  4 Relay outputs
934033  365-Day - Timer  
1 Circuit - 3 Pole- 30Amp
Control 115VAC
Two (2) Channel Clock Timer
365 days, or Weekly, Days
  2 Relay outputs 10A
934010 - 12, 24VAC/DC
 Latching Set-Reset
Set- reset, 2 Wire control
Automation - Radio control  
12/24VDC -120/240VAC
 ON Delay Timer
24-240 VAC/DC 
 5 Functions
 0.1 Sec. to 100 Hr.  
 Octal socket with DIN
Solid state relay
25 and 40Amp
5-32VDC & 110/380VAC
 Relay 1  Pole NO/NC
12VDC coil 40 mA. 
15 Amp.125 VAC SPDT
30A. Power relay 12VDC   
30 Amp. 120/277 V,AC
 3 HP- 277 V,  1.5 HP - 120V
 12 Amp. Relay 1 Pole  
12VDC coil 60 mA. 
277 VAC SPST  
Plug-in relay and DIN
NC Normally closed contact
NO Normally open contact
DPDT Double pole double throw 
SPDT Single pole double throw
SPST Single pole single throw 
Amp.  Maximum current rating
Wall timer 7day
Time Switch 4 Channel

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